Did Taylor Swift's Cat Just Ruin Her Custom-Made Oscar De La Renta Met Gala Gown?

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via Instagram/@taylorswift

Taylor Swift's pretty feline Meredith has enjoyed a rare breed of internet celebrity since joining the Swift family on Halloween 2011. Of course, such is life when a) you belong to Swift, who boasts a combined 49 million followers on Twitter and Instagram, and b) you're named after the Grey's Anatomy character Meredith Grey.

But the Scottish fold cat might be about to get her first taste of internet backlash. Swift tweeted the following message at 2:42 p.m., just a little more than three hours before she is scheduled to make her Met Gala arrival: "That moment when your cat casually walks up, then abruptly ATTACKS your custom satin Oscar de la Renta gown during your fitting for Met Ball."

At this point, we love Meredith as though she was our own pet. We've grown with her through all her antics, including this stare-down, this ear wiggle situation, this cuddle party, this hardcore chill session, this case of Olympic fever, this dehydrated moment and much, much more. But some things, like a custom satin Oscar de la Renta gown, are sacred. We guess we'll have to wait and see what de la Renta will come up with in the next couple hours...

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