11 Style and Beauty Lessons We Learned From The Hills—In GIFs

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In honor of the eight-year anniversary of the premiere of The Hills (yup, that's today!), let's take a look back at the heyday of LC, Justin Bobby ("A man so great he needed two names"), and "Speidi".  And while Lauren and the rest of the gang on MTV's hit reality show The Hills taught us many things (except maybe what a magazine internship is really like), we can't thank them enough for the many, many style and beauty tips the show gave us over the years—so many of which, truly, stand the test of time.

1. It's always a good idea to wear waterproof mascara.via Tumblr

2. Make sure you dress appropriately for all occasions.via Tumblrvia Tumblr

3. Love your quirks.via Tumblr

4. It's important to take the occasional break from your curling iron. That thing can do some serious damage.via Tumblr

5. Thick scarves or headbands can be an effective hair accessory—plus, they hide second day dirty hair! via Tumblr

6. When your hair looks amazing upon waking up, embrace it. #iwokeuplikethisvia Tumblr

7. When someone shows up wearing the same outfit as you, it's okay to be a little ticked.via Tumblr

8. If you're late for an interview or meeting, just employ that five-minute get-ready routine. via Tumblr

9. If you fall, get right back up. (Who knows? Maybe André Leon Talley will be impressed with you!) via Tumblr

10. Sometimes you just have to make a fresh start—starting with your clothes. Ditch your old or out-of-season items to clear up space for new things. via Tumblr

11. Hair transformations can be good—but scary—experiences.via Tumblr

If, after you get a new 'do, you look in the mirror like: via Tumblr

It can feel like your life is over. via Tumblr

Especially if your best friend is like: via Tumblr

But you just have to remember that it will get better. via Tumblr

And once you style it yourself, you'll be all: via Tumblr via Tumblr

Just remember that when people tell you how good you look, it's always best to be humble. via Tumblr

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