Unconventional Housewarming Gifts That Will Turn Any House Into A Home

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Give your host or hostess a nice, warm welcome to their new home. Click through to check out some of the best unconventional housewarming gifts that are sure to turn any house into a home.

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It's an undisputed fact that moving sucks. There is absolutely nothing exciting about the endless moving costs, the hours spent packing boxes, heavy lifting—and then, of course, the final unpacking process. But when it's all over and done, there's plenty to look forward to. Not only do you now have a fresh, new home that's ready to decorate, but you also have an excuse to throw a housewarming party!

However, say you're not the one throwing the party, but rather an invitee. While there really is no obligation to bring a gift, it's certainly courteous to do so. My instincts usually tell me to bring a bottle of wine or the stereotypical potted plant, but there are tons of better options out there. Click through the above slideshow to check out some great gifts that are useful, incredibly unique and sure to please any host or hostess!

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