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Give your host or hostess a nice, warm welcome to their new home. Click through to check out some of the best unconventional housewarming gifts that are sure to turn any house into a home.
Perhaps a telltale sign of what's to come once you get settled into your friend's new apartment?
If you're going to bring a potted plant, it's imperative that the pot doubles as art—something that your host or hostess will surely want to use time and time again for years to come.
There is really nothing cozier than curling up at the end of the evening in a pair of fuzzy socks with a good book and a warm cup of tea. Bonus points for tea in pretty tins that can easily be displayed on exposed shelves or behind glass doors.
This gift basket is such an easy crowd-pleaser, and a great way to enjoy a night in at one's new apartment. You can buy a basket pre-made or build your own; all you have to do is throw together some of the best movie snacks, plus some movie tickets or DVD copies of cult classic hits.
If you're in a bind for a last-minute housewarming gift, fancy candles make a great alternative to potted plants or a bottle of wine. Their warm aura and fresh scents will change the atmosphere in any room in an instant.
Perhaps the most unconventional as far as housewarming gifts go, these cookie cutters are just too awesome to exclude.
Give the gift of an incredibly luxe faux fur throw—your friend's walk-up apartment will instantly look like a million dollars!
Another interesting alternative to the typical potted plant: a self-sustaining mini ecosystem in the form of a fish tank and hydroponic garden. Perfect for the science enthusiast!
How cool would it be to attend a party at the same apartment some months later, only to find yourself drinking a homemade brew courtesy of you?
After moving in all of the basics, home décor is the final—and often overlooked—step in the process. Save your host the trouble of having to search for the perfect decorative accents by getting her a few throw pillows for her brand-new couch or armchair.
Give the gift of boozy jam! It's sure to shake up breakfast, making it hard for anyone to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
Help your host keep her new home clean with a gift certificate for maid service. (It could come in handy after that wild housewarming!)
There is nothing worse than waking up on a Monday morning and realizing that you forgot to buy coffee. Make sure that this never happens to your friends again by ordering them a coffee subscription.
Everyone has a favorite food, so use this as a jumping-off point to get a cookbook your pal will want to use for every meal.
We live in an age of Twitter and Instagram, but even the most-liked photos rarely make it outside of the interwebs. Make those memories tangible with a handy smartphone printer—plus, it can double up as an easy way for your host to decorate his or her new space!
A festive apron makes a great gift, regardless of whether or not your host is a Martha Stewart type. Think about it: if she loves to cook, she probably has tons of aprons (and more can never hurt!), but if she isn't, this can serve as extra incentive to spend some time in that new kitchen.
New homes are often adorned with new (or maybe repurposed vintage) furniture—often, wooden pieces that can quickly be ruined by the careless placement of a glass of water. Watch out for your friends' nice furniture with these colorful coasters—that can totally double as décor!
A lot of the time, I find that coffee table books sit around gathering dust and looking pretty—on the outside. Give the gift of a really great coffee table book, something aligned with your host's interests, and it will be displayed and cherished (and actually read!) for years to come.
We may be adults here, but nothing brings a crowd together like a good ol' game of ping pong! A set like this is great because it's compact, making for easy clean-up and storage, even in the smallest apartments.
Have you ever been in someone's bathroom and marveled at their super-fancy monogrammed soap and towels? They're small details, but they make a world of difference—something that your host is sure to love.
What better way for someone to enjoy their brand-new kitchen than to have a gourmet chef cook in it for them? Plus, do I smell a future dinner party? One to which you would surely be invited?
Long after the new house scent has faded, keep your friend's new digs smelling fresh with a diffuser. Bonus points for picking something pretty that can double as art!
There is nothing wrong with bringing a bottle of wine—chances are, the bottle will be opened during the housewarming party, so it's a gift that you can selfishly enjoy as well. But if you plan on bringing wine, deck it out with a fun wine bag that your hosts can use again later on.
If this is someone's very first home ever, they're going to have to build up their collection of home goods from scratch. If you can swing it, save them a lot of trouble with this handy kitchen in a box.
This is great—particularly for younger people who are just starting to build their kitchen collection and only have the basics. A nice cheese and cracker serving platter instantly takes any meal from a 3 to a 10. Bonus points if you gift this with enough cheese and crackers for (at least) eight people!
Artisan olive oils are a great example of something that people will actually use, but would probably never spring to buy for themselves. This stuff is so great, you'll want to slather it over everything (trust me—I'm an olive oil expert!).
Home entertainment is an oft-overlooked gifting category for housewarmings, but these speakers connect to both Apple and Android tablets and mobile phones to create a personalized lighting scheme—which is basically a way to guarantee that any music-listening experience becomes an automatic party.