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Run out of ways to wear your favorite white tee? Impossible! Click through for 19 unexpected T-shirt styling tips, all perfect for test-driving this summer.
Tuck your tee into a high-waisted pencil skirt to soften up the silhouette.
Layer up! Try not one, but two lightweight jackets (or a cardigan and a jacket) over your white tee for a fun textural play.
Pin a few sparkly brooches—matching or random—around the neckline of your tee for an interesting alternative to the statement necklace.
For a sporty look that's just as cool outside the cardio room, try a sleeveless hoodie over your T-shirt.
Tuck your tee into a pair of white jeans—wide-leg, boyfriend, skinny or otherwise—for a super-sleek look that fakes the effect of a jumpsuit.
Do it up dude-style and wear your tee underneath a partially-unbuttoned flannel shirt. If it gets hot outside, you can always remove a layer!
Whiteout! Make your tee part of a completely monochromatic look—and prepare to be mistaken for a fashion editor.
Try your tee with a denim vest and cutoffs for an easy early-summer look.
Want to try a crop top but concerned about showing skin? No problem—just slip your tee on underneath that teensy top!
Or, cut off the hem of your tee to lend it new life as a crop top! Hacked-off T-shirts look especially good paired with high-waisted bottoms, like these ballerina-esque tulle midi skirt.
Into overalls? You'll like them even more over your favorite comfy white crewneck.
Knot the hem of your tee for an abbreviated top with major throwback appeal.
Wear your chambray shirt of choice unbuttoned over your tee for a lightweight take on the classic denim jacket.
Soften up an edgy all-black look with your comfiest, washed-a-million-times tee for instant model-off-duty realness.
Dial down the formality of a precious jacket—beaded, fringe-trimmed or otherwise embellished—with your casual tee.
Let your tee stand in for your go-to button-up the next time you wear a pantsuit.
Paired with a tucked-in white tee, sequins suddenly feel far more wearable.
Define your waist by tying a long-sleeved button-up—chambray, flannel or otherwise—around your middle.
Tightly roll both sleeves—and just like that, your basic T-shirt's turned into a cool muscle tee.