Five Workwear Staples, Five Off-Duty Ways To Wear Them

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Back in my middle and high school days, I was forced—unfairly, I felt—to wear a uniform every single day. Consisting of a polo embroidered with my school's name, a belt, ironed khakis and closed-toe shoes, the mandatory outfit was comfortable enough, I suppose, but didn't leave a whole lot of room for creative freedom in the style department (although believe me, I bent those rules a time or two!). So you can imagine my shock when, after asking my mother if we could go shopping for "weekend clothes" one day, she replied, "Why can't you just wear your uniform shirts and pants on the weekend?" To this day, I swear she was only half-joking.

While I flat-out refused to repurpose my monogrammed polos and pleated pants for trips to the mall and movie nights with my friends, the idea of wearing clothes intended for your daily 9-to-5 on days off still intrigues me. It can be a challenge, sure—but when styled right, those same button-ups and slim-fitting, knee-grazing skirts you reach for at 8 am each morning can look smashing come Saturday and Sunday, too. As with most fashion challenges, it's all about how you put the look together.

Ready to make your workwear wardrobe weekend-ready? Click through for five off-duty ways to wear some of your trustiest office basics.

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