13 Times Cats Ruled The Fashion World

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Karl Lagerfeld is one of many industry insiders obsessed with cat culture.

Click through for 13 ways felines have influenced the fashion world.

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Associate Digital Editor

Every few seasons or so, fashion folk fall for a new animal. The infatuation starts hard and heavy—they just can't get enough of that adorable face!—and then the magic starts to peter out. Be it a reptile or mammal or marsupial, this critter du jour starts to feel stale; a new one starts popping up on shirts, hats and bags. The affair is over.

That's never happened with cats. Somehow, some way, creatures of the feline persuasion have always managed to hold the attention of style-minded people. To show you just how long kitties have controlled the world of clothes and accessories, I've compiled a timeline in the slideshow above. Click through for 13 major fashion moment for cats.

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