Made In The USA: 10 Homegrown Heritage Brands Cooler Than Any Import

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Sure, you could just buy a stars-and-stripes bikini for the Fourth of July and call it a day, but if you really want to wear your American pride on your sleeve (or under your arm, or on your feet), the best way to do it is to buy from brands that make their wares at home in the good old US of A. Click through the slideshow for a primer on 10 of the coolest companies keeping the heritage trend alive and well (some of which have been around for nearly two centuries!)—plus, shop our favorite homegrown goods.
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With $20 denim stocking shelves across the country and H&M opening a new store every day (375 this year, to be precise), it's easy to stock your closet with inexpensive imports (although not so easy to find ones that last more than a couple of seasons.)

But there's something special about owning something with a story—not just a serial number—and I like the idea that even a well-loved pair of boots or piece of luggage can last a lifetime if it's made with care. So, in anticipation of Independence Day, I've done a little digging into the history of American clothing and accessory manufacturing and rounded up 10 of the best heritage brands still in business today—some of which are nearly as old as the country itself! And what better time than the USA's birthday to celebrate homegrown craftsmanship—and pick up some extraordinary hand-stitched moccasins or a timeless satchel while you're at it?

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