André Leon Talley Dishes On Kimye's First Kiss: 'There Was Probably Tongue'

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Last night, fashion’s most famous cape-wearing editor, André Leon Talley, appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with the equally likable mensch, Andy Cohen. As we all know, Talley nabbed one of the coveted invites for last month’s #KimyeWedding, which means, no, we are not done talking about these nuptials yet.

During his visit, Cohen gave himself a respectable 30 seconds to grill Talley on that European extravaganza. His findings:

Who was the best-dressed wedding guest? “Myself.”
Were people peeved that Beyonce and Jay Z didn’t show up? “Not at all.”
What about Rob Kardashian ditching the ceremony? “Not at all.”
Did Kim and Kanye have a first dance? “Yes, they had a first five dances. They did five in a row.”
Did Kendall and Kylie eat anything? “Everyone ate.”
Did Bruce Jenner do anything embarrassing? “Never.” [We seriously doubt this.]
How was the first kiss as husband-and-wife? “It was extremely long, which is always a good sign. I would say there was probably tongue engagement.”

Cohen saved his best question for last, one which has surely been on all of our minds since the couple took their relationship public in 2012: is it, like, for real? Talley responded: “I think this relationship has a lot of legs and I’m looking forward to the next baby which will probably be called South.”

Tongue engagement, though. That's one mental image (or GIF, rather?) we won't soon forget.

Watch Andre Leon Talley’s full appearance on Watch What Happens Live below:

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