Band Of Outsiders Is About To Get 'Drippy'

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All stereotypes are rooted in truth, but it’s a little bananas how much fashion people actually love their coffee—Starbucks especially. And while the java empire has featured designer collaborations in the recent past—including projects with Alexander Wang (2011), Rodarte (2012) and Stacey Bendet (2013)—it still remains a relatively untapped market, business-wise, for the style industry.

So, it’s time to change that. In a particularly smart team-up, Starbucks has tapped Band of Outsiders’ founder, CEO and creative director Scott Sternberg to design ceramic mugs inspired by the word “drip,” his favorite slang term for coffee. “Visually, when that word came into my mind, I could see the paint dripping out of the top of the tumbler.” Thus, his cups—available in-store starting June 24 and online tomorrow—feature a rim of black paint dribbling down the sides.

“The coffee drink you choose—drip, espresso or a latte—is a form of style and self-expression just as important as what you choose to put on in the morning,” said Sternberg in a press release. And for the record, his Starbucks order is an iced Venti Red Eye, unsweetened (according to

It seems Sternberg's adorable pooch, General Zod, took it upon himself to model Band of Outsiders’ Starbucks mugs for us in the wild, above. We’re sold.

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