News Flash: According To Forbes, Beyoncé Is More Important Than Oprah


Samir Hussein/Redferns via Getty Images

Today, Forbes ranked Beyoncé as the planet's No. 1 celebrity, outranking Oprah, Jay Z and others. This headline says it all: "Most Powerful Woman Named Most Powerful Woman." [The Cut]

A bunch of cool tweens crashed Saint Laurent's front-row at its men's show in Paris yesterday. So, that's what the kids are doing these days, huh? [Women's Wear Daily]

Love it or hate it, you're bound to have an opinion on Adidas Originals' #SocksnSlides comeback—the ultra-dadcore look, if you will. [Styleite]

Get your phone out, people, because Kate Hudson just joined Instagram! Her first picture? A bikini bearing, off-duty pose. She's perfect. [Refinery 29]

In light of Shia LaBouef's most recent New York City meltdown, behold: 12 former child stars gone (very) bad. [StyleCaster]

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