Why You Shouldn't Start Summer Without A Boxy Short Sleeve Top

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Between the T-shirt fit and polished look, boxy short sleeve tops are a fast ticket to perfect summer style. Click through to shop great ones now.

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As the weather outside starts to slowly creep into the 80s, then 90s and then—shudder—eventually past the 100 degree mark, I'd recommend avoiding complicated clothing for the next few months. This isn't the season for pieces with fussy details, like too many buttons or zippers in strange places, or that require extra styling to look good. It's simply too hot in the summer to deal with anything that requires more thought than a basic tee.

That said, there are sure to be many occasions throughout June, July and August that call for a shirt more refined than the contents of a Hanes three-pack. Those are the times when you need one of 25 short sleeve boxy tops in the gallery above, which all feel and fit like your favorite T-shirt, but look much more polished. You'll be amazed at how quickly one will pull together an outfit: not only does the crisp structure and shape eliminate the complicated logistics of tucking (half or all the way in? To the side? Do I need to use a belt?), but it doesn't have any hardware to deal with—no catching, breaking or popping open at inopportune times! Really, the only thing you have to worry about is remembering to wash it because you wear it so darn much. Click through the slideshow to save yourself from wasting valuable minutes in front of the mirror you could spend barbecuing, pool partying or flea market shopping.

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