Cara Delevingne Will Never Let Her Daughter Model

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Cara Delevingne may be one of the most successful supermodels in the business (currently and, well, ever), but she’s not totally sold on modeling as a profession. It’s not that she’s not grateful, I suppose, but rather she's aware that it’s an overly glamorized industry—one in which she wouldn’t want her future, hypothetical daughter to take part.

In an interview with The Guardian that ran this weekend, the 21-year-old acting, singing, joking multihyphenate didn’t sound too jazzed about the profession that put her on the map in the first place.

“I mean, look, I do love it,” said Delevingne. “I’m not saying anything bad about it, I just think you can do a lot more. I was incredibly lucky to do as well as I’ve done, it’s not easy, there’s so many models who go through so much sh-t, and it’s just, if you have a brain, which everyone does, use it and try and do something else.”

She went on to say that no, she wouldn’t let her future daughter try her hand at modeling: “I’d say no, if that’s all she aspired to. You know, I get a lot of girls who say, ‘I just want to be a model so badly.’ And I think: you can do better than that.”

Is it just us, or does the modeling industry not exactly seem like such a fun place to be these days? Last week, Miranda Kerr opened up to Net-A-Porter’s weekly magazine The Edit about how she doesn’t consider herself a professional model. A week earlier, Karlie Kloss told Into the Gloss that she has yet to ‘determine what [her] job actually is but, yeah, modeling is a fun and funny gig.”

It’s not like these supes are going to stop modeling altogether anytime soon, but this doesn’t exactly bode well for the biz.

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