WATCH: Cara Delevingne Discusses Life As A Muse At Mulberry HQ

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Courtesy of Mulberry

There’s just something about Cara Delevingne’s accented voice that could truly lull me to sleep right here, right now. And after writing about her (seriously) every single day, it’s sometimes startling to hear such a lovely, calm voice emerge from someone famous for her slightly wild demeanor.

Mulberry, which has been aggressively pushing its Cara bags to combat its plunging profits, was brilliant to tap that resource (i.e. Delevingne’s voice) for its latest promotional video. As a lead-up to the Cara bags release in September, the British fashion house has put together a black-and-white short following Delevingne’s journey to create her collection—with her floaty, candyfloss voice narrating her thought process all along the way

“Fashion, I grew into and it became part of my life,” she said. “At school, my friends had handbags and I always used mine more like a sack and it had holes in it—it was never good, never practical. When I got my first Mulberry handbag it worked, but I needed more practicalness.”

It’s a grand ol’ time: she toys with a sewing machine, gasps, giggles, dances in the rain and wears the heck out of a fedora.

Take a look at Delevingne’s latest Mulberry video below:

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