WATCH: Here’s A Clip Of Cara Delevingne In Timeless

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We’ve known for a while that this was happening, and now, it’s finally time! By “this,” of course, we mean Cara Delevingne’s major role in the British TV play Timeless. Get your bushiest eyebrows on, because everyone’s favorite supe-slash-wild child is heading to the U.K. small screen come June 19. In the drama, Delevingne stars as a young woman whose fiancé is on a tour of duty in Afghanistan, which brings her closer to her grandmother (played by Sylvia Syms).

In the meantime, Timeless’ network Playhouse Presents has released a 56-second sneak peek at the It Brit in action, opposite Syms. It’s a little bit surreal watching Delevingne do her acting thing because, well, we’re not used to seeing her in serious mode. But the clip is intriguing enough that we’re starting to understand Syms’ high praise.

“The camera loves some people,” said Syms in a behind-the-scenes featurette. “A hundred years ago when the world was young, I worked with a lovely girl called Audrey Hepburn. The camera loved her, and she was natural in front of the camera. And this girl’s got the same thing. I don’t say that because I was paid to do the job, I say that because she has it. Some people have it.”

Watch the sneak peek of Cara Delevingne and Sylvia Syms in Timeless below:

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