WATCH: Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen Are 'Very Good Girls' In New Trailer

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In the coming-of-age film Very Good Girls, best friends Lilly (Dakota Fanning) and Gerry (Elizabeth Olsen) spend the summer together before heading off to school. The two girls decide it's time to lose their virginity, and end up falling for the same guy. Ruh roh. The film debuted at Sundance back in January 2013 and has already received postive reviews, thanks to its subtle examination of female friendship without veering into raunchy comedy territory.

The movie, directed by Naomi Foner (mother of Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal), also features Demi Moore, Peter Sarsgaard and Kiernan Shipka. Talk about a star-studded cast!

The film premieres July 25, but you can catch the trailer below:

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