Dear Lucky: What’s The Ultimate Must-Buy Trend For Summer?

Executive Beauty Director

Paul Bellaart/Trunk Archive

As model Ariadne Artiles makes clear, all you need is a navy crewneck.

Q: What’s the ultimate must-buy trend for summer? Like, if you could buy just one new piece, what should it be? —Shoko

A: Dear Shoko, I wandered into the fashion department and there was the legendary stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, resplendently tanned and jangling with bracelets, combing through black velvet trays of accessories for her next shoot. I couldn’t believe my luck. She raised an eyebrow at my question, then frowned. “Trends!” she declared. “Eeet is not about a trend. Eeet is about style!” She turned toward the racks of clothes, searching violently through hanger after hanger. I thought maybe that was it—that Carlyne, irked by trends, was through with me.
But she pulled out a hanger and held the item above her head in triumph: a navy cotton crewneck from A.P.C. “This!!” she exclaimed, shaking it. “Eeet is perfection! This is the one thing, the only thing for summer.” She smoothed the sweater approvingly. “Simplement chic,” she murmured. “And this one, it’s not like any other one. The shape is perfect.” Every woman should have it, she insisted: “You wear it with jeans, white capri pants, a little bikini bottom, a pareo … This is what he [here she was referring to Jean Touitou, the founder/designer/A.P.C. progenitor] knows: You don’t have to dress sexy to be sexy. This,” she shook the crewneck again for good measure, “this is sexy.”

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