No Surprise Here: Elle Fanning Wore A Disney Princess Nightgown To The Airport

Digital Fashion News Writer

2014 Jun Sato

Hey, everybody! Let’s take a quick poll: how many of you know that Elle Fanning likes a good princess theme? Oh, all of you? Cool! She doesn’t trust you, I guess, because she just made her very apparent passion for princess things even clearer. The 16-year-old Maleficent star arrived at Japan's Narita International Airport over the weekend wearing a Sleeping Beauty nightgown. Seriously. It’s a nightgown with Aurora’s (whom Fanning plays in Maleficent) face plastered all over it.

It’s a cute gimmick, because it’s just that: a gimmick. Perhaps this intensive princess fixation is simply a form of method acting? I guess we’ll have a better sense of that when she signs on for her next big movie franchise.

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