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Eva with her mother and father last month.
Click through for three style tips our editor-in-chief picked up from her father.
Normcore Is the Best Core
"[My dad] has been wearing snapbacks and rocking normcore Seinfield style for so long, I [may have been] influenced by him. He just got a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, too, which I can not even get my hands on. So props to my dad!"
A Big-Ticket Watch Is Always Worth It
"He really believes in investing in watches, and fine jewelry—not for himself, but for other people. So that's something I always keep in mind: if I really want to splurge—and that day has not come yet—it would be on a really beautiful watch for myself."
Be A Trendsetter
"He started wearing Crocs recently, and I'm not as into the Crocs. That said, [Lucky style editor] Laurel Pantin started wearing Crocs. So maybe my dad started that and Laurel copied him!"