11 Fantastic Father's Day Gifts For Every Type Of Dad

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To help you find the perfect Father's Day gift this year, we've gathered great options for every kind of dad. (And no, we have zero idea which category Gavin Rossdale falls under, although we'd probably suggest some mousse for the faux hawk.)

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On the list of the most difficult things in the world, buying a good Father's Day gift is right up there with fire-juggling and speed-solving a Rubik's cube. Dads tend to be content with the stuff they've already got unless it breaks, in which case they immediately run out for a replacement. They aren't interested in doing a lot of shopping around, or making little wish lists; when they buy something, it's for practical purposes.

That means there's no way to cheat your way to a thoughtful present when you're stumped, they way you may have last month by giving your mother fancy French-milled soaps or hand-knitted cashmere socks—no, the only true success come from really, truly knowing what makes your father tick. Once you've got that figured out, it's a matter of purchasing one of the 11 gifts in the slideshow above, each one tailored to a specific type of dad. Click through to find the right one for your old man now (just maybe don't call him that on the card, okay?).

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