You Can Now Customize Your Own Fendi Baguette

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Fendi's myBaguette app launches today for Android and iPad. Click through to see screenshots from the app, plus get inspiration from the designs of artists like Richard Prince and Will Cotton.

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What better blank canvas is there than a Fendi Baguette? The diminutive handbag has played host to more than a thousand different designs since it was launched in 1997, from sorbet-colored sequins to psychedelic fringe—many of which famously landed on the arms of Sarah Jessica Parker and her Sex and the City alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw. Now, the company has opened the floor up to its fans to create the next generation of styles with its myBaguette app, launching today for Android and iPad. The app allows users to custom-design their own handbag from start to finish with the aid of an impressive array of tools, colors, and—Instagram addicts, take heed—even photo filters.

After you've made your masterpiece and blasted it out to your social-sphere, you can upload the image to the community gallery, where it will be available to view alongside other users' creations. Every month, Sylvia Venturini Fendi, the brand's creative director, will select one design as "Baguette of the Month"—a high honor indeed from the handbag's original creator.

Elsewhere in the app, users can check out what some big-name artists have done with the Baguette by scrolling through the Art Gallery—a veritable MoMA of mini bags, with everything from a furry-strapped Sylvie Fleury to a Kristy Cha-Ray Chu design dripping with kid's toys. With so much to work with, the possibilities are endless.

Download Fendi's myBaguette app and start playing now!

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