Five Really Ridiculous Ways To Blow Your Paycheck This Weekend

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If only rent and utilities were nonexistent! A girl can still dream though, right? Click through for five things you could buy using the entirety of this week's paycheck.

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I love Fridays. Not only does a summer Friday usher in the weekend a whole four hours earlier than usual, but it happens to also be payday! Am I the only one who sings 'N Sync’s “Just Got Paid” as I check my bank account in the morning? #noshame

What better way to start the weekend than by spending away your preciously earned pennies with reckless abandon? Okay, so I don't really condone such frivolities, but that doesn't mean I'm not guilty of ogling pretty things here and there. Click through the above slideshow to check out some fashion purchases that would undoubtedly cost the entirety of your paycheck.

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