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If only rent and utilities were nonexistent! A girl can still dream though, right? Click through for five things you could buy using the entirety of this week's paycheck.
Now that it's basically summer, you need to show off your colorful pedicure with a pair of strappy sandals.
It’s getting pretty sunny out, so it’s important to keep your face protected from those harsh UV rays. On second thought, it’s best to just shield as much of yourself as you can with some over-the-top headgear.
Nothing says glamour like a crystallized bikini!
It’s true, I love fur. And frankly, I find it to be mildly depressing that it’s too hot to wear fur in the summer—it’s just so opulent and amazing! However, a fuzzy accessory will keep me happy until the harsh cold of winter returns.
My favorite bag on the weekends is a tote, and what could be better than a bag that offers you an encouraging message at the start of each day?