Overalls Forever: Five Fantastic Ways To Do Dungarees This Summer

The Occasion: A day at the beach.

The Overall: Loose chambray shorteralls.

Also Works With: Another short-legged pair of dungarees—but avoid white! That seat will get dirty the instant you sit in the sand.

Style It: In place of a traditional cover-up over your swimsuit.

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Associate Digital Editor

There are certain moments when overalls are just plain inappropriate. Heading to an office with a strict white collar dress code, for instance, is not a good time to pull out the bibs—even if they're fancy bibs, and even if it's casual Friday. You also shouldn't do it up like '90s-era Salt-n-Pepa for a funeral or wedding (unless, I suppose, if the bride's going with a one-piece, too?) or while meeting the Queen of England. While I'm not sure what one wears for a face-to-face with royalty, my guess wouldn't be shoulder-strapped denim.

But as far as the rest of life goes? You'd be surprised how often overalls will work. The trick is knowing which style fits a particular occasion, and the right way to dress it up or down. I've decoded five common scenarios for you in the slideshow above. Click through to start wearing dungarees (almost!) everywhere.

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