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Have the urge to wear overalls everywhere this season? Click through for five great places to start.

The Occasion: A day at the beach.

The Overall: Loose chambray shorteralls.

Also Works With: Another short-legged pair of dungarees—but avoid white! That seat will get dirty the instant you sit in the sand.

Style It: In place of a traditional cover-up over your swimsuit.

The Occasion: Running errands.

The Overall: Old-school farmer bibs.

Also Works With: Slouchy shorteralls

How To Wear It: Super simple, with a white tee and sneakers. If that feels too plain for you, feel free to throw on some funky jewelry and ba aseball cap (any of your required five would go great!).

The Occasion: A cocktail party.

The Overall: Dark and not denim.

Also Works With: Nothing else. Jeans feel way too casual for formal get-togethers.

How To Wear It: Over a silky sleeveless top (while I prefer the contrast of pure white against black, a print or bright color would also look great). Heels help, too!

The Occasion: Brunching with friends.

The Overall: White denim shorteralls.

Also Works With: A full-length pair in any wash.

How To Wear It: Play up the loose, boxy silhouette with a form-fitting sweater.

The Occasion: Date night.

The Overall: A bib dress.

Also Works With: A sleek jumpsuit silhouette like the one I recommended for cocktail parties.

How To Wear It: With a tight tank top and flat shoes, always—nothing deflates a romantic evening quite like hobbling around in pinching pumps.