Meet Foxes: The British Singer (And Our New Style Obsession) About To Go On Tour With Pharrell

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Even if EDM isn’t your thing, it was hard to miss one of the biggest electronic dance music songs of last year, “Clarity” by German DJ/producer Zedd. The reason the song exploded, peaking at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and spawning dozens of remixes? The stunning female powerhouse voice of the UK’s Louisa Rose Allen, better known as Foxes to her fans.

And the song wasn’t just a commercial success. Zedd and Foxes won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording for the track this past January, forever adding a coveted epithet to the singer’s name. “I remember when we won the award, I was shaking violently and was a complete mess. They gave me the Grammy backstage and said that from now on, I will always be a 'Grammy-award winning artist.' I couldn’t take that in," she says, "and I still haven’t!”

Considering her debut album Glorious was still in the works at the time (it's finally available to American audiences today) it was a start most young artists can only dream of—and the breaks keep coming for Allen. Starting in September, she'll be touring Europe as an opening act for the one-and-only Pharrell, which came about after he saw her cover of “Happy” online. “I’ve met him only briefly, but he’s such a great guy,” says Allen. “There are such good vibes for the tour.”

Allen was born in Southampton on the south coast of England and raised by a cool single mom, who now runs a vintage shop in London and fostered in her young daughter not only a love of second-hand clothing, but also of music festivals.

“I grew up around festivals so I’ve got a wild hippie-free thing going on that will always be a part of me, I think,” says Allen who moved to London at 18 to pursue her dreams of being a singer/songwriter. Her style is full of flower child-like flourishes and a retro quirky vibe characteristic of the '60s that separates her from other British pop dance sirens. "I like long flowing skirts and tend to wear a lot of duster coats, which I can takes off to reveal another outfit. It’s very Beyonce,” she says, with a laugh.

As her photo above clearly demonstrates, Allen is rarely without mascara and “literally five pounds of eyeliner.” To achieve her Bridget Bardot-inspired eye look, she relies Max Factor and Rimmel products rather than designer ones. “I was just touring in Tokyo and fell in love with the eyelashes there,” she says. “It’s a whole other world of amazing.”

Another item she’s style-crushing on right now? The Ashish x Topshop collection of light-up platform sneakers—sorry, it's already sold-out—though she admits to a lifelong weakness for heels. “I loved the sounds heels made when I was a little girl, the click-clock-click-clock,” she says. “It made me feel like an adult.” At only 25 years old, she's going to need some grownup heels to go along with her grownup success.

Check out Foxes' one of the singles off Glorious, "Let Go for Tonight" below.

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