Why Graphic Tees And Wide-Leg Trousers Are A Match Made In Heaven

Associate Digital Editor

Geode Wide Leg Pants, $402.50, 3.1 Phillip Lim, shopbop.com; Weekend Tee, $90, bobo-house.com; Fang Earring in Silver, $170, ladygreyjewelry.com; Eva Mules, $250, pourlavictoire.com; Mini Square Crossbody, $147.50, rovimoss.com

Printed wide-leg trousers are not pants for the faint of heart. You can't just wear them with any old top like you might with jeans, or cuff up the hem of a pair that's too long. Pulling the look off takes a lot more effect than that (and, as our contributing editor Tamu points out, a trip to the tailor).

Fortunately, we've discovered a simple styling trick to make the whole process easier: it helps to add contrast. That means instead of going with something equally formal up top—like a starchy button-down shirt or matching suit jacket—you should balance the look with a more casual piece. The slouchy graphic T-shirt pictured above works well with most options, although we especially love it with Phillip Lim's billowy bottoms. Isn't the marbleized pattern just awesome?

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