13 Attractive Men Made More Attractive With Dogs

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It’s a result of biology, clearly, that when gorgeous men with ideal jawbones hold canines, our ovaries all but detonate. Between Ryan Gosling’s beloved, slightly scraggly pooch George (at left) and John Legend’s slobbery bulldogs, these photos send us straight to heaven. Click through to see them all.

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On today’s much-appreciated edition of Did You Know?: did you know that baby things (humans, dogs and—ugh, I guess—cats) are cute due to evolution? Yessir, folks: “cuteness” (which is clearly a highly scientific term) is an evolutionary adaptation which helps assure that adults will take care of their young.

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person (or weirdly, neither?), there is literally no molecule in your body that doesn’t quake when you see an unconventionally loving pooch and its owner—especially if that owner happens to be a supremely hot male celebrity. It’s official, and we have photographic evidence to prove it: attractive men are made even more attractive when they’re seen taking care of their dogs. #science

We’ve put together a list of 13 male stunners who look literally 100 times more fetching with their canines than they do when photographed solo. For your ultimate viewing pleasure, click through the slideshow above for a roundup of universally adored gents and their pups.

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