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1. Jewel tones look good on everyone.

Because there's an underlying warmth to peacock, emerald, burgundy and plum, they brighten both rosy and yellow skin tones. Jen said she's never had trouble with jewel tones in a fitting. "And they photograph better—more crisply."

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2. Yellow is the trickiest color.
But the right yellow, she emphasized, can be amazing—like Michelle Williams' canary gown from the 2011 Oscar Awards. In general, warmer options (such as mustard or sunflower) are easier to pull off, although icy shades can be very striking on extremely dark or Nordic complexions.
3. Ivory is easier to pull off than pure white.
"I wouldn't even advise a bride to do paper white," Jen told me. "It's strong on the eye, and tough on camera." Even still, if you prefer a color closer to snow than cream, it helps to have a sun-kissed California blonde thing going on. "All white can be very harsh against dark hair and olive skin."
4. When it comes to pastels, softer is better.
Unless, like I mentioned in tip #2, you have chocolate brown skin (like Lupita, pictured at left) or stark Nordic coloring. Otherwise, you'll probably look washed out. Also, consider your eye color: sky and mint really play up green and blue irises.
5. Most anything works with the right neutrals.
Instead of giving up on a color that doesn't quite work, trying adding some warm neutrals to the outfit. "Grey, ivory or denim should tone it down." Jen says you can also use metallics, which look good on everyone.
6. Take test photos of yourself before a big event.
If you're heading someplace with photographers around (in the case of Rade's clients, that's usually the red carpet; for you, though, it could be a wedding, graduation or cocktail party), it helps to see how the color comes across on film. Often it's very different than what you see in the mirror. Just remember to use a flash—it's that bright burst of light that changes everything.
7. Confidence is everything.
Even if it's not the number-one most becoming shade for your hair and skin, it'll work if you own it. Consider, for instance, Betsey Johnson. Out of all the colors in the world, don't you think there might be one more flattering than the brights she wears so proudly? Possibly...but we wouldn't want her any other way.