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Click through to read all eight tips—straight from the Lucky Community—to earn your degree in print-mixing!
1. Pick two patterns.
"This is by far my favorite print mixed outfit! I have three 'rules' when mixing patterns: First, pick two patterns (one large print and one small print). Second, find two patterns that share a base color (in my case I chose red). Third, BE CONFIDENT. If you love it, others will too!
2. Find common ground.
"I used to be terrified of mixing prints, but once I started, I couldn't stop! I think finding one color in common between the pieces to pull it together cohesively works best."
3. Keep it in all in the same family.
"1. Keep everything in the same color family and pick one to be your main palette. For example, if you're wearing a blue gingham top, your bottoms should also be blue (floral, for example). And use colors that compliment each other, like navy and orange, black and white, green and gold. 2. Use texture! Try mixing tweed pants or a skirt with a silk printed blouse. 3.Pay attention to proportion. If you're wearing a floral print blouse, wear it with floral pants, but make sure one of the prints is smaller than the other (and everything is in the same color family). Same goes for checked prints, plaids, etc. 4. Think outside the box. You don't have to wear a plaid blouse with a floral skirt (although that could be super cute!) Mix a striped tee with leopard loafers, or a floral dress with a plaid shirt tied around your waist. Have fun with it. If you pick one color to play off of the possibilities are endless!"
4. Vary print sizes.
"When I'm mixing prints, I try to either keep one print neutral or tie in one color between the two prints. It also really helps to have one big and one small print, so you don't overwhelm anyone with your outfit."
5. Only one print should be dominant.
"The trick to mixing patterns is to make sure one is dominant, and the other is a compliment. If they are both bold, the eye won't know where to focus and it can look messy.  Staying within the same color families helps too!"
6. Don't be afraid to mix strong prints
"Try statements blazers. Polka dots and stripes are an easy choices. Want to mix it with a stronger print? Stay in the same color family."
7. Be confident!
"It's all about being confident and finding a neutral undertone on randomly mixed prints. Inversion of prints is also a great technique."
8. Remember, it should be fun.
"Mixing prints is so much fun...and with the summer just around the corner, mixing colorful prints is even better! My trick with mixing prints is to choose colors that compliment each other, especially if they aren't in the same color family. I believe you can wear stripes with well as florals. So why not mix them both together??!"