Eight Straightforward Ways To Master Mixing Prints

1. Pick two patterns.

"This is by far my favorite print mixed outfit! I have three 'rules' when mixing patterns: First, pick two patterns (one large print and one small print). Second, find two patterns that share a base color (in my case I chose red). Third, BE CONFIDENT. If you love it, others will too!

via Lucky Community member Binks and the Bad Housewife

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Digital Production Assistant

Mixing prints can be scary. But I took a leap of faith and took a page out of Lucky senior digital editor Elana Fishman's book: last weekend, I took the plunge and mixed a striped shirt with a pair of polka dot shorts. I was instantly hooked. It's not nearly as frightening as one might think, especially if you follow these key rules. Soon you'll be a mix-master, too! Click through the slideshow above for eight straightforward tips for mix-and-match success.

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