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This gorgeous canary dress (bought for more than half off at T.J.Maxx!) is but one of Jamie's many, many stellar style moments.

Click through to see how her look has changed through the years.

Jamie's Childhood Style
"I was into very girly things when I was younger, and anything ballerina-focused—especially my ballet shoes and the color pink! My approach was very playful and creative."
Jamie's Teenage Style
"During my teens, my style was in constant transition. [I was] always experimenting with multiple best selves. I started out with more of a tomboy look, inspired by my older sister, but then overcompensated with a more feminine look in high school. I definitely looked to my friends and pop culture for inspiration."
Jamie's 20s Style
"[During my twenties,] I took great pride in pulling together looks that were professional enough to wear on my interviews, but still infused my own personal flair and individuality. I didn’t have a lot of money so I invested in key versatile pieces—like a fabulous Italian handbag or standout necklace to make my personal statement."
Jamie's Current Style
"Now I feel more secure in my fashion choices and what works for me. I know what I like and that allows me to present my best self every day. I look for that one investment piece or signature item that really pops and I build my outfit around that piece."