There Is Something Seriously Wrong With January Jones’ Latest Instagram Photo

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via Instagram/@januaryjones

As of this afternoon, January Jones has posted 170 photos on her Instagram account—many of which have been tongue-in-cheek selfies, retro #TBTs or peeks at her early modeling jobs. After starring in six and a half seasons of Mad Men, Jones is best known for her role as the salty, prim Betty Francis; her Instagram, then, is a breath of fresh air.

Putting her sardonic reputation to work, Jones posted a new throwback shot earlier today of her “first paid ‘modeling’ gig for a knitting magazine in South Dakota." According to the actress, she “#nailedit.”

Okay, so there are a lot of wrong, horrible things happening in this photo—most noticeably the image’s caption, which touts an “unexpected arrangement of color patterns.” But it’s not like Jones is celebrating racist overtones (no, not even undertones) happening here—per usual, she’s probably just messing with us.

Update, 3:53 pm: Jones, allegedly due to an overwhelming amount of negative "comments and assumptions," has removed the aforementioned photo from Instagram and swapped it out with the below, less offensive image instead. Jones also added the following hashtag: #thisforumshouldbeahappyandfunplaceihavenopatienceforhate.

via Instagram/@januaryjones

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