Jenna Lyons Spills Her Three Office Dress Code Rules

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Not only is the godlike Jenna Lyons one of my personal favorite style icons (I essentially have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to her print mixing), but she’s also proven to be an incredible boss, leader and businesswoman. WWJLD? (What Would Jenna Lyons Do?) is a mantra I routinely repeat to myself on the daily, so it goes without saying that I prioritize her career advice second to none.

At last week’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund collaboration pop-up shop, Lyons chatted with our friends at The Cut about office style—mainly, what she expects from her J.Crew employees. “If your teeth are clean and you have a good handshake and you’re groomed, I don’t care what you wear,” said Lyons. “Go for it. Whatever works for you.” Even a shorts suit, The Cut asked? “Oh yeah, there are a lot of legs in our office.”

So, there you have it. Who knew becoming J.Crew’s president and creative director would be as easy as showering and investing in a box of Crest Whitestrips?

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