John Galliano: ‘I Committed Professional Suicide’

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Abaca/Barcroft Media

Last year ushered in the McConnaissance, while this summer has already brought about an impressive 50 Cent-aissance of sorts—could a John Galliano resurgence be next? As the newfound creative director of the Russian beauty chain L’Etoile, the shamed 53-year-old designer could be well on his way. He seems genuinely dedicated to restoring his reputation and, what that, his creativity—which accordingly requires a string of apologetic public statements.

This week, he opened up to renowned French psychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik in the French newsweekly Le Point, and once again addressed his lengthy recovery process: “I’ve lost, but I also gained a lot. I’m a creative person, and no one can take that away from me. I’ve been told I committed professional suicide because it was the only escape from the terrible pressures I was facing. What do you think?”

Well, here’s what Cyrulnik thinks: according to Women’s Wear Daily, “suicidal thoughts rarely indicate a desire to die, but rather a wish for one life to end and a better one to take its place.” Perhaps Galliano has moved on to his better life, then.

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