Kate Mara Wears Her 'Tomboy' Status On Her Sleeve

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Jason Webber/Splash News/Corbis

Kate Mara seems like a real chillster, doesn’t she? What with her grade-A red carpet repertoire, groovy platinum “lob” and stacked IMDB page, Mara is on the fast track to bona fide It Girl-dom—if she hasn’t already reached it, that is.

Before donning an extremely heavy-looking Dolce & Gabbana frock for last night’s Tonys, Mara was photographed strolling through New York City’s East Village with her boyfriend, Max Minghella. While the whole look was pretty awesome, it was the 31-year-old’s “Tom Boy” tank that really won us over.

We’re all in luck, though, because we can buy the Petals and Peacocks top over at WildFang.com for (a relatively affordable) $48! Now just pair it with black skinny jeans and slip-on sneakers and you'll be in business.

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