Why Yes, Kate Middleton's New Hat Does Look Exactly Like A Pancake

Digital Fashion News Writer

John Stillwell

Kate Middleton is going through a serious fascinator phase right now. Perhaps it's part of the royal makeover she's undergoing (Queen's request, naturally), but the Duchess has been sporting fancy headpieces to almost every formal occasion she's recently attended.

At a garden party for Prince Philip’s 93rd birthday at Buckingham Palace yesterday, the Duchess dressed for the occasion in an all-over lace Alexander McQueen dress and—yes—a crooked, disc-like fascinator. As our friends at The Cut so aptly pointed out, the hat in question closely resembles a pancake.

So, what gives? Obviously fascinators are a fancy, monarchy-approved accessory, but must they bear such a stiking similarity to a delicious breakfast dish? At least Food on My Dog understands.

via Tumblr/Food on My Dog

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