This Shopping App's Latest Feature Is A Total Retail Game-Changer

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Starting today, you can shop dozens of e-commerce sites from across the web and still check out in one place, thanks to Keep's new universal shopping cart. Click through to see more of the Keep app's special features.

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If it seems like it's getting easier by the day to shop on your phone, that's probably because it is. For instance: yesterday, if you wanted to buy a lipstick from MAC, a swimsuit from Zara and a pair of sunglasses from ASOS, you would've had to go to three different websites, fill up three different carts, and check out three separate times. There would have been credit card info to input, addresses to fill in and shipping options to choose.

Today? It's all in one place, thanks to Keep's introduction of the first-ever universal cart for mobile shoppers. From your iPhone or iPad, you can shop products from anywhere on the web, and—once you've downloaded the Keep app and registered with your info—check out in just a couple of taps.

So how does this magic work? Well, in case you aren't already an avid user, let us introduce you to Keep: it's is a platform akin to Pinterest, with the added draw of being 100 percent shoppable. You can follow other users, scroll through a personalized feed, view "trending" items from around the web and create "collections" of your favorite merch. Until now, however, if you wanted to actually buy the goods, you would have had to check out through each individual retailer. With the new universal cart feature on its iOS app, Keep handles that tedious and sometimes frustrating process through an army of employees they call GoGetters.

Once you've clicked "buy", they place the orders with the online retailers (yes, even if your cart is loaded with 10 different things from 10 different sites) and facilitate alerts like order status and delivery notification. Your GoGetter isn't privy to your credit card info—that's stored separately and securely with a company called Braintree—but if you want to make a return, they can handle that, too—or you can choose to take care of it yourself if you're feeling independent.

In sum: it's a big, big day for mobile shopping. And I, for one, am ready to start filling up my cart.

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