Guess Which Celeb Just Got A New Tattoo—On Her Head?

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via Instagram/@kellyosbourne

No, it's not Miley Cyrus—though let the record show that Milez was my first guess. Instead, it's another star with a certain rock n' roll legitimacy. Are you ready for it?

Kelly Osbourne, everyone—it's Osbourne who debuted a new head tattoo on Instagram yesterday. With the help of a mohawk (in that signature purple shade) with shaved sides, the 29-year-old TV host recently visited the Shamrock Social Club on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard to do the (presumably painful!) deed.

With the help of celebrity tattoo artist "Doctor Woo" (who counts Cate Blanchett, Harry Styles and David Beckham among his A-list clientele), Osbourne walked away with the word "stories" and an ellipsis etched on the left side of her head.

Again, let the record show that I will never be gutsy enough to do this, but tell me: what do you think of her new ink?

via Instagram/@kellyosbourne

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