Kendall Jenner's First Major Fashion Ad Is Here!

Digital Fashion News Writer

Courtesy of Givenchy

It’s becoming a little difficult to keep up with Kendall Jenner these days. Between topless photo shoots and hanging with supermodels, Jenner has effectively persuaded us that she has a legitimate, in-demand career—and it’s just going to keep getting bigger.

After walking in Riccardo Tisci’s fall Givenchy show, bleached ‘brows and all, Jenner booked her first major ad campaign for, obviously, Givenchy, alongside a crew of his favorite models. Quite the honor, huh? Lensed by famed photography duo Mert & Mercus, Jenner’s Givenchy turn is dark, patterned and plush. Note Jenner on the far left, above: her eyebrows are, again, bleached, and she’s pouting around with burgundy lips and a mash of fabrics.

Now that she’s booked Givenchy, could something along the lines of—oh, I don’t know—Chanel be next? We must wait and see, I suppose.

Courtesy of Givenchy

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