WATCH: Lena Headey Finally Addresses Those Game of Thrones 'Spoilers'

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As far as I understand, Game of Thrones book readers are somewhat upset about the show’s Season 4 finale. As a burgeoning book reader myself (I’m currently halfway through the series’ first volume), I, personally, very much enjoyed the finale.

Naturally, then, I didn’t understand the many cries of complaints regarding a certain Lady Stoneheart character who failed to show up at the end of the episode—something which Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey teased on her Instagram account two months ago.

While the whole Lady Stoneheart situation has since been (cruelly) spoiled for me, I still don’t understand the banshee fans, wailing their “spoiler” cries. Headey’s so-called “spoiler” didn’t necessarily give anything away; if anything, it deserves to be deemed a “teaser,” or a term equally as benign.

So, Headey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday not to clear the air, but to ostensibly not clear the air, if that makes any sense. She did, after all, show up wearing a shockingly casual muscle tee that read “I’m Not Sorry.” Kimmel, of course, addressed the—ugh“spoiler” photo in question, to which she claimed: “No, that was me drunk in Palm Springs going, ‘This is so pretty.’”

That’s that. Sorry Cersei’s not sorry, everybody.

Watch part of Headey’s Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance below:

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