Happy National Splurge Day! Treat Yo' Self With These 25 Luxury Buys For Every Budget

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Happy National Splurge Day! Whether you're looking to shell out $75 or $7,500, click through to find your perfect luxury style buy.
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The word "splurge" means different things to different shoppers. For some, it's a $90 t-shirt; for others, a several-thousand-dollar handbag constitutes a true luxury indulgence. But no matter how you slice it, a splurge by definition is a particularly extravagant purchase, something over-the-top that you choose to treat yourself to—even though you could probably find something of comparable quality at a fraction of the cost. It's something you probably don't need, but want—and, most likely, deserve.

As you can probably guess, Lucky editors are all about treating themselves now and then—and since today is National Splurge Day (yes, really!), we're urging you to follow suit. In the gallery above, you'll find a 25 seriously splurge-worthy buys, from jewelry to shoes to bags to clothes—at a wide variety of price points. Whether you're looking to shell out $75 or $7,500, you're sure to find a suitable splurge. So go ahead, treat yo' self.

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