News Flash: Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Deeply Regrets Everything She Wore In High School


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Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon is graduating from high school—and, with that, is reflecting on her not-so-stylish high school wardrobe moments including, “black rhinestone t-shirts with bloody skulls on them.” [The Cut]

Mindy Kaling is attempting to upstage both Amy Poehler and Lena Dunham with a new book she’s writing, called Why Not Me? On the title, Kaling says it “has kind of been my subconscious motto my whole life.” [The LA Times]

Want to watch the World Cup but have zero idea what anyone is saying? We feel that. To remedy the issue, we “football” noobies can now download a Chrome extension that translates soccer terminology for American fans. [Fast.Co]

This is actually really important: Allison Williams wore something…sorta sexy. Why doesn’t this happen more often?! [Fashionista]

Kristen Wiig is directing her first movie! The only details so far is that she’ll be teaming up with her longtime writing parter Annie Mumolo, and that the duo will be playing “best friends who find themselves in over their heads.” [Styleite]

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