17 Trends We Can Blame On Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

Crazy Layers

You know how Coco Chanel famously advised that women always take one thing off before leaving the house? I don't think MK & A got the memo. From chunky scarves to slouchy sweaters, this duo loves to pile it on...and on...and on some more.

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Today marks Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's 28 birthdays—and if it's even possible, it seems these two actresses-turned-fashion-icons get chicer with each passing year. They might look nearly identical (remember, they're actually fraternal twins!), but these dual mini-moguls couldn't be more different in terms of their personal styles. While Ashley adores streamlined, minimalist silhouettes elevated with ultra-luxe accessories, Mary-Kate's all about a bohemian, rock 'n' roll vibe that's heavy on the vintage.

Still, MK & A do share one important thing, style-wise: together, they've been responsible for more fashion and beauty trends than you might think. Don't believe me? Click through above to see 17 trends we can thank Mary-Kate and Ashley for starting, from Christian Louboutin's wooden-soled pumps to second-day hair to, yes, the Starbucks-cup-as-accessory.

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