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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen couldn't be more different in terms of personal style, but they do have one thing in common: together, they've been responsible for countless fashion and beauty trends. Click through for 17 trends we can thank MK & A for starting.
Crazy Layers
You know how Coco Chanel famously advised that women always take one thing off before leaving the house? I don't think MK & A got the memo. From chunky scarves to slouchy sweaters, this duo loves to pile it on...and on...and on some more.
Christian Louboutin Platforms
Long before Rihanna and Paris Hilton began sporting those can't-miss-'em red soles, the Olsens wore Louboutin's towering wooden "Bruges" platforms to both NYU classes and red carpet events aplenty, helping make the master shoemaker a household name.
Oversized Sunglasses
Gigantic shades have always been closely associated with the celeb set, but the Olsens' bug-eyed take on the look was next-level cool (or crazy, depending who you ask).
Wolford Skirts
Ashley Olsen's DIY trick for getting the perfect body-con yet basic miniskirt? Just fold down one of Wolford's black bodysuits to your preferred length, and presto! A perfect layering piece. (Confession: I immediately ran out to buy Wolford's near-identical skirt version, and still wear it today. Thanks for the tip, Ash.)
The Maxi
When it comes to skirts, dresses and even coats, Mary-Kate and Ashley have long preferred silhouettes that sweep the floor. It's rare to find a young celeb who doesn't love to show off her legs—but then again, these two have always gone against the Hollywood grain.
Mad Hats
Be it a cozy beanie, breezy fedora or something seemingly straight out of a Charles Dickens story, eye-catching hats are staples in the Olsens' style playbook.
Starbucks Cups
Face it: a Venti mermaid-logoed cup was never considered a status symbol before these two came along.
Gladiator Sandals
Strappy Grecian-style shoes became one of the biggest summer trends around—and they're still popular today!—largely because of the twins. MK & A generally preferred theirs attached to a wedge or stiletto, but occasionally pulled out a flat pair that buckled all the way up the calf, too. Odd tan lines be damned!
Second- (and Third-) Day Hair
Thanks, Olsens, for making it socially acceptable to hit that snooze button one more time.
Balenciaga Ankle Boots
Particularly in 2006-2007, these toweringly, almost terrifyingly tall booties never left Mary-Kate's feet. They spawned dozens of knockoffs—and, probably, dozens of sprained ankles. Hey, beauty is pain, right?
Statement Furs
Sorry, PETA, but there's nothing these girls love more than a colorful, crazy fur coat (or bag, or stole...)
Bold Brows
Think Cara Delevingne was the first to make bushy arches a thing? Guess again.
Balenciaga Bags
Back in the aughts, Mary-Kate and Ashley were almost never seen without Balenciaga's tasseled Le Dix bags on their arms, helping put the then-lesser-known fashion house back on the map. They owned versions of the style in mint green, brown, black, white, blue and too many other colors to count.
...And Big Bags In General
I'm not sure exactly what they're toting around all day—copies of War and Peace? Spare pairs of shoes? More Starbucks?!—but the twins sure do love a larger-than-life carryall. In addition to the aforementioned Balenciaga Le Dix, MK & A also favor styles from Givenchy, Fendi and Hermès in addition to bags from their own label, The Row.
American Apparel's Raglan Pullover
While Mary-Kate and Ashley were frequently spotted in multiple items from the basics brand in the 2000s—V-neck tees, hoodies, you name it—it was this grey, slouchy pullover favored by MK that I remember most. Sadly, it did not look nearly as good on yours truly (nor on any of the several college friends of mine who also purchased the piece in search of instant Olsen-level cool).
A few years ago, we started spotting Ashley wearing not one, but two delicate anklets with her summer sandals and pumps. The sisters even tapped jeweler Ileana Makri to design glitzy ankle chains for The Row—for about $4,000 a pop. Quite an upgrade from the braided string ankle bracelets you used to make at summer camp, no?
Alaïa Belts
Long before First Lady Michelle Obama cinched her waist with these broad belts, the Olsens were collecting them like coins. Very, very expensive coins.