This Dress Guarantees You'll Get To Sleep In

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Hawaiian Quilt Print Short Sleeve Dress, $395,; Sabine Ankle-Wrap Sandal, $225,; Jace Satchel, $189.99,; Cropped Denim Jacket, $129,; Resin Swirl Flower Drop Earring, $225, Oscar de la Renta,

So you don't want to go into the office tomorrow. You don't want to answer emails, you don't want to attend meetings. You really, really don't want to sit and listen to your deskmate eat apples, carrots and potato chips at lunch for the tenth time this month. But more than all that, you don't want to get up early—Mondays are so much easier to bear when you're well rested.

Laying out a printed dress right now (or maybe right after checking out these hot guys with dogs because, duh, it's hot guys with dogs) to throw on tomorrow morning will help with all that. Unlike separates, there's no coordinating proportions or matching colors to consider; you just throw it on without thinking and run out the door. It should save you a good 15 extra minutes for sleep, which may not sound like much now—but in the face of a 6 AM alarm? It's like winning the lottery.

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