News Flash: The New Queen Of Spain Is Kind Of A Babe


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On Thursday, Spain’s new King, Felipe VI, was coronated, which, obviously, means that Spain has a new Queen, too. World, meet Queen Letizia! Choosing her favorite Madrid designer Felipe Varela for the occasion, Letizia looked every bit the royal matriarch in a crisp, creamy coat set. [The Huffington Post]

Emma Roberts isn’t blonde anymore! This time, she’s back to her natural chocolate brown shade—and it looks gorgeous. [Teen Vogue]

Well, this is fun: watch Kate Upton and Veep/Arrested Development star Tony Hale get drunk together in the new Lady Antebellum video. But...why? [Vulture]

Dolce & Gabbana’s just-released Fall 2014 campaign features ‘90s supe Claudia Schiffer in a very Sleeping Beauty-like, fairytale forest. Shall we call this the Maleficent effect? [Fashionista]

Remember that time Lana Del Rey told a reporter that she wishes she “were dead already?” Yeah, that wasn’t very cool. Now, she’s tweeted an angry response to all the actual death threats she’s been getting. [Styleite]

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