Eight Unexpected Ways To Wear Denim This Summer—No Pants Required!

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From chambray sneakers to skirts you can actually wear to work, click through to learn eight out-of-the-box ways to wear America's favorite fabric this summer—because plain old pants are overrated.

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Senior Digital Editor

Full disclosure: we love our slouchy boyfriend blues and second-skin skinny jeans just as much as you do. Ditto on Alexa Chung-approved overalls, comfy cutoffs, Bruce Springsteen-worthy button-up jackets and, yes, even denim miniskirts.

But even still, we're constantly looking out for fresh new ways to wear America's favorite casual fabric—especially when the results are anything but dressed-down. So this summer, we'll be sporting our beloved blues in all eight of the ways showcased in the gallery above. Turns out, denim can look just as good on your toes or in the form of an office-appropriate (yes, really!) skirt as it does encasing your legs. Click through for your daily dose of denim inspiration!

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