Five Fresh Ways To Do Nautical Style

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Looking for new ways to wear your navy with white, sailor stripes and anchors? Click through for five fresh spins on nautical style now.

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Post-Memorial Day, I really enjoy dressing like a sea-faring person. I don't, however, enjoy dressing like everyone else dressing like a sea-faring person. You know what I'm talking about: navy crew sweaters with wide white pants, little striped dresses and natty loafers, giant anchors embroidered all over everything. While there's nothing wrong with any of those looks in theory, each one's been played out to the point that seems like a costume. Like, "Hey, look at me, this is my sailor girl outfit!" And no one wants that unless they're heading to a Fleet Week party.

Rather than risk looking like Popeye or a von Trapp child, I prefer my maritime-inspired outfits to color outside the lines. The five ideas in the slideshow above are some of my favorite ways to mix things up—click through to amp your nautical game now.

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