News Flash: Nicolas Ghesquière’s First Louis Vuitton Campaign Ads Are Here!


Nearly eight months after Nicolas Ghesquière took the reins at Louis Vuitton as creative director, his first ads for the French fashion house have arrived. Starring a slew of mega-models including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Freja Beha Erichsen, Liya Kebede and Jean Campbell, the campaign is just as groovy as it is luxurious—so, in a word: perfect. [Fashionista]

When Jenny Slate got fired from SNL for dropping an f-bomb, she did what any young lady would do: she ordered “50 million pizzas” and invited all of her friends over. Sage advice, really. [The Cut]

In this image, we see that Katy Perry is a) posing with Joe Biden, and b) debuting new, pink hair. It’s an all-around win for America. [Instagram]

Kesha (no longer Ke$ha, guys!) is covering Teen Vogue this month. She looks so very ‘70s in the shoot, rocking serious fringe, fur and freckles. So it’s official, then: a "Keshaissance" is upon us! [Teen Vogue]

With England’s annual Glastonbury Music Festival fast approaching this weekend, let’s look at serial concert-goer Kate Moss’ 10 best Glastonbury looks. [Elle]

This is what Taylor Swift looks like after the gym?! Note: these pictures are so pretty, they will depress you. [BuzzFeed]

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