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To celebrate North West's first birthday—which just so happens to fall on Father's Day!—I've combined the two occasions by captioning every existing Instagram shot of North and her enviable wardrobe with lyrics by her proud papa, Kanye West. Click through for your daily dose of the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutBaby, plus some sick rhymes.
"Just a little somethin' to show you how we live"
"Don't talk about style 'cause I embarrass you"
"Man, why can't life always be this easy?"
"Ain't nobody f****n' with my clique"
"Hey Mama, I wanna scream so loud for you, cuz I'm so proud of you"
"You don't see just how wild the crowd is? You don't see just how fly my style is?"
"It's so packed I might ride around / On my bodyguard's back like Prince in the club"
"Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe"
"Long as my buckle says Hermès, the rumors I'm not concerned with"
"Shoe game outta this world, I outer space 'em"
"See you know my style, I'm very wild"
"I don't see why I need a stylist when I shop so much I can speak Italian"
"She Instagram herself like 'Bad b***h alert'"
"You always said Yeezy I ain't your right girl / Probably find one of them 'I like art' type girls"
"Who gon' stop me, huh?"
"This ain't no fashion show, m*********r, we live it"
"Bow in the presence of greatness"
"Get raunchy in Givenchy"
"What's that jacket, Margiela?"
"Spending everything on Alexander Wang"
"My b***h in that new Phoebe Philo"
"Lanvin thousand dollar tee with no logos"
"My reign is as far as your eyes can see"