Get The Inside Scoop From Orphan Black's Costume Department—Plus, Shop The Clones' Best Looks

Sarah Manning

"We usually had a discussion with Tatiana about each character to make sure she was on the same page. We got a lot of feedback from her, so our challenge was kind of marrying everyone’s idea about who the character was together and then making it a reality. Also, there was a lot to think about with continuity. How many times does a character change? Sarah, for example, is on the run a lot, so she doesn’t actually change her clothes very often...she wears a Diesel jacket quite a bit. It's actually not leather, it’s like a waxed cotton that looks like leather."

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To say that Orphan Black is addictive is an understatement—so I'm guessing I'm not the only one going through some serious withdrawal after last night's season finale. From the incredible acting (Tatiana Maslany, how do you do it?!) to the relentless twists and turns, the sci-fi series may just be the best thing to come out of Canada since Ryan Gosling.

One thing that's made the show especially fascinating is the costumes: by changing from a tattered leather jacket to a Lululemon sweatsuit to a tailored cocktail dress, Maslany morphs into an entirely new person, complete with new mannerisms and idiosyncrasies. With that in mind, I spoke to assistant costume designer Darci Cheyne about what the clones wore this season and what goes on behind the scenes of our favorite sci-fi series.

Watch the video below to see how one of our favorite scenes from the finale came together, and click through the slideshow for shoppable looks and quotes from the costume department.

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