It's Official: Poppy Delevingne Has Mastered The Perfect Airport Look

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The art of assembling a cool-yet-comfy airport outfit is something no one should overlook. Really. We’re serious. Think about many times you’ve had to catch a flight, only to roll up to your gate and feel like a troll in comparison to your fellow airport-goer, the tall, thin model type casually reading Tolstoy.

Exaggeration? I think not.

Thus, are we surprised that general lady-about-town Poppy Delevingne completely knocks it out of the park with her jetsetting style? Not at all. Poppy, 27, and her sister Cara, 21, were spotted yesterday headed to London’s Heathrow airport for a sisterly getaway. Sporting silk shorts, Converse sneakers, a graphic sweatshirt and a killer leather jacket, Poppy looked both chic and casual for what we presume was a long flight.

It’s official, I guess: from here on out, consider Poppy your airport style spirit guide.

Rex Features

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